1935 Rudge Ulster


The seller of this 1935 Rudge Ulster opens up with a line which I will steal for Classic Sports Bike For Sale.


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Single cylinder, bronze head with 4 valves, single intake port and dual exhaust port. Open valve springs so you can get dirt and grime into the oil. Solid rear end, with small brakes front and rear. Go fast, stop slowly; the way to win races.

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 From the seller

This bike was purchased new by the previous owner and raced at Wasaga beach and other 1930 venues including an AMA Detroit speed trial where it won the award for fastest bike clocking 104 mph !  Rudges were FAST. The level of quality and engineering innovation is startling for anyone who is schooled in the more prosaic grey porridge of the era. Many are unaware that Enzo Ferrari chose to run a team of Rudge racers along with his Alfas.  And of course Rudge are famous for wheel building, supplying wheels for the most exotic of cars including  the legendary Gull Wing Mercedes Benz.  If you know Rudges then you know how desirable this model and year are. Open valve Ulsters were lighter than the later EMI models.  Read the Classic Motorcycle article.  Part of a collection I purchased last September. Unfortunately the racing plaque for this bike is not available as the gentleman’s grandson is keeping it.  This is a reluctant sale.   As far as I can see the engine could use a rebuild. Looks like standard bore with  nice valve seats and no apparent cracking.  I removed the top end and was pleased to see all looked well except for wear.  I made the decision not to get the bike running as is and potentially damage something. I arrested the surface rust which was beginning on the wheels as a result of poor storage . They were lightly bead blasted and sprayed.  I have also parkerized several small items to stop rust. Personally I think the bike looks  cosmetically great as it is and so do others who have seen it. There are plenty of shiny ones around BUT NOT OPEN VALVE 1935 ULSTERS!

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Rudge was a competitor, they were always at the Isle, at the North South, and (to this bikes name sake) the Ulster. All of these races were on the roadways around England, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. When they began saying Race on Sunday, sell on Monday, you could race on the road on Sunday, and take the same roads to work on Monday. You to can race around with this 1935 Rudge Ulster. BB

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