1938 BSA M24 Gold Star


When Bert Perrigo put W.L. Handley on a hopped up BSA 500cc single cylinder Empire Star to race around Brooklands track in 1937, the two of them set BSA on a journey that lasted until 1962. What they did was earn a gold star from the BMCRC for completing a lap of the bumpy, high banked track at over 100 mph, and to celebrate BSA offered up its first Gold Star M24 in 1938. This 1938 BSA Gold Star offered by its Australian owner is one of those rare steeds from the first year of production.


From the seller

Not sure what happened to my original add but will start again.  this is a 1938 gold star 500cc single all alloy engine made by BSA.  These engines were cast away from BSA then sent back to BSA and they machined and then assembled them. the first engine number of them started at 101 i believe and went through to 350 approximately.  This model was a preproduction model and the first 100 never left the BSA factory I believe.  they were built in paralel to the M model that were for the army and these had cast iron cyclinders and the frames had side car fittinge as well, but the JM 24 did not have these and the frames were made from high tensile tubing.  This particular bike has been in my family since the early to mid 1940’s and raced all its life,  it is in full going condition and complete with all its bits, including the speedo, tacometer both witch are cronometric workings IE (clock movement inside) unobtainable now, there is also a near complete spare engine with no damage to it as this bike was raced and when something was not right, the engines were changed over and then overhauled ready for use next.  there is also a spare gearbox, clutch assemble, rear 19 inch wheel and both a 19 inch and 21 inch front wheels for different typs of tracks plus other spare parts as well.  the frame number of this bike is JM 24-344,  one engine number is JM 24-328,  other engine number is    JM 24-326, also another crank case from a later model BSA is a HM 22 1293.  If further information is required please ask AND I will pass on this information


Val Page had arrived at BSA from another British Manufacture and set up to re-design the 500cc engine which BSA had been using. The M designated engine came in both flat head and OHV, but it was the race department managed by Bert with bikes built by Len Crisp and Jack Amott which allowed Wal Handley to achieve the Gold Star. When the bike went into production, the engine attached was the M24 and this 1938 M24 BSA Gold Star with its JM designated engine numbers are registered as one of the few surviving M24 Gold Stars.


The seller of this 1938 BSA Gold Star does not mention if the gear box on the bike or its spare are Electorn Alloy, an ultra rare feature of the original M24. And with a buy it now of $80,000 there are very few people that could pony up for this rare machine. But those that can, and do, will have a very special machine. How many people will be able to say they have one of the first, one of the earliest of a breed? We did highlight this almost 2 years ago, and the buy it now has only gone up. BB


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2 Responses

  1. BSACollector says:

    Hmm.. nice bikes these but there’s a huge number of inconsistencies if that’s a 38 M24.
    Front wheel should be 20″ not 19 or 21.
    Oil tank is not anything like a 1938 M24
    Fuel tank is nothing like either a 1938 or 39 M24
    Top yoke is incorrect for 38 or 39 M24 ( should be rubber mounted type)
    Seat is incorrect …the correct Amal brake/Clutch levers are not present. …..if the gearbox isn’t elektron it only leaves the engine, frame & forks. ( actually I also doubt the forks are the proper M24).. is the frame genuine 531 tubing ? … if it’s been in the family all that time it had a hell of a first few years didn’t it. lol

  2. BSACollector says:

    …what I wrote there sounded horrible but it does look a bit like a bike put together by someone who can’t tell WM20 parts from M24 parts.