1940 BMW R66


As we know motorcycles have been around since before the turn of the century, the last one. Most Classic Sports Bike enthusiast divide bikes into now, and pre-war. The years 1939-1945 had a great effect on the production of motorcycles, and when the need for metal was necessary for the greater good, lots of motorcycles ended up being melted down and re-cast as something else. So when we talk about pre-war bikes we often think rare, and expensive. This 1940 BMW R66 was one of 1,669 manufactures in Germany, so think how few of these made it past 1945?


From the seller

I decided to downsize my collection an offer few of my bikes for sale. So please check my other auctions. All bikes are fully restored, they went thru a complete ground up restoration including engine rebuild, frame, wheels, seat, paint and plating. New battery. I put about 30- 50 miles on each bike since restoration to ensure everything is OK. They all have fresh oil and spark plugs. Ready to ride. In storage for last two years.

This auction is for BMW R66. This model was manufactured in 1938-41. It is overhead 600ccm engine. Runs like a dream.


The R66 was rolled out to the public in 1938, and was the top of the line bike offered by BMW. With its 597cc engine, front telescopic forks and plunger rear end, you had the softest ride, and the most powerful engine from BMW. Though it comes with sidecar lugs so you can attach a people carrier, with 30hp at 5300 rpm, it could also push the solo rider to 90mph. With these number, I am sure that there were one or two prepped by weekend warriors for the track or hill climb.


This 1940 BMW R66 is a pre-war motorcycle, something many classic owners feel is out of reach. The dividing line that the World War created for collector motorcycles is sometimes very large. If you head over to the auction site, the reserve has not been met as of this writing, but a pre-war bike might be yours for less then a “Retro Classic” offered at your local dealer. Oh, and if you don’t like the complication of an over head valve engine, the same seller has a Flathead BMW R6 for auction as well. BB


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