1947 Velocette KSS


$_57There have been theories that say the development of the motorcycle is related to the horses that we rode. In the Americas, we had “western” saddles and the motorcycles we developed were more for cruising. The British rode “English” saddles, and their motorcycles were more sporting. I think it is more closely related to the roads we rode on. Long straight roads between towns in the US, and narrow curving single lanes in England. This 1947 Velocette KSS was developed at the same time as the racing KTT. Both took advantage of race development on the Isle of Man. I don’t think there are any narrower “race track” then the Mountain Course.

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From the seller

The Germans designed the motor and the British made the bike. KSS for those that do not know means Kamshaft (German for Camshaft) Super Sport.

This KSS is rock solid and has many things going for it that others do not from verifiable provenance of a long time ownership (40 plus years) by a well know Triumph Dealer and flat track racer in Detroit to the motor being built in the 70’s by Bob Strode.  The motor and frame numbers are as came from  the factory in 47. The frame is KDD 9099 and the motor is KSS 10670.

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I think the seller might be saying German design because the founder of Velocette is John Goodman, changed from Johannes Gütgemann. Designed by his sons, Percy and Eugene Goodman, the KSS was first offered to the public in 1925 and its racing brother was first raced the same year. The KTT was able to win the Isle of Man TT in 1926 with their pilot, Alec Bennett.

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More from the seller.

This was an original street version but the lights were removed back in the 50’s as the bike was a back up flat track racer that appears to have never been raced.

The bike has the original rebuilt BTH magneto and I have an original working Velocette / Vincent Miller Dynamo that if wanted by the new owner to hook up lights we could discuss.

The bike does not have a brook lands style fishtail exhaust ( which I am 100% fine with as I don’t much fancy them)  but rather a quite rare and Valuable BES Megaton reverse megaphone silencer which is in immaculate condition as is the header pipe and the rest of the bike to be exact.

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There have always been riders in America that looked to England to produce their motorcycles. The big races in the States, like Daytona, have always had British bikes on the starting grid. The owner of this bike wanted to go racing on the dirt ovals, American style. But they had chosen this 1947 Velocette KSS to do that. Lights, who needs them.BB

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