1948 Triumph 5T Speed Twin

There is just something about a motorcycle that has been in use for 64 years, and shows it. This 1948 Triumph in worn out red offered up now on eBay is something to behold. Not only is it 64 years old,  but it appears to have been on the road, working hard for those 64 years. I don’t know of too many motorcycles designed today that will look as good in 64 years, or even still working. What is the half life of a silicon chip control unit?

From the seller

1948 Triumph 5 T Speed Twin Pre Unit survivor motorcycle. This is a very cool old original Triumph wearing old paint, old chrome and old original parts parts. This has not been touched ( other than mechanical ) in many years. The bike runs great and only needs tires. They have been on this bike for 40 plus years. The bike looks totally original (except for mufflers) from what I can tell and what  info that was given to me. The paint is very old and looks amazing but I don’t think they came in red?? I have a clear California title for the bike. These 40’s Triumphs do not have matching numbers on the Frame and Motor so please do your homework before asking that question. Finding a 40’s Triumph this original and complete…plus the fact it’s a runner is not an easy thing to do….I know I have been looking for a long time and already regret listing it. This bike has it all and ready to roll. I will sell to Japan and other countries. I also can help in finding a shipper or will drop it at any shipping company in the greater Los Angeles area for FREE. Please email me with any questions before you bid.


As you likely know the Speed Twin was designed before World War II by Edward Turner, with the help of others, and grew into the Iconic parallel twin. The 5T was first rolled out in 1938 for a couple years before bombs started falling on the factory. It was brought out again in 1947 and offered up until 1959. The twin cylinders, working side by side offered up 498cc, generating 27 bhp at 6300 rpm and had the potential to grow in both size and power.

As with many motorcycles of the time suspension had not yet been incorporated into the rear of the frame. Though there were springs up front, the rigid rear would continue until 1954 when a swinging and springing rear end was offered to riders of Triumphs. For today’s roads that shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but I can only imagine the pain of riding down cobbled streets back in the day. You will be lucky if purchasing this Speed Twin because it does offer a stop gap accessory, the sprung hub. Imagine an axel inside a spinning hub, with a couple springs to allow up and down motion. Sounds like trouble.

This 1948 Triumph 5T offered up for sale now is a survivor. A 64 year old bike which wears its ware very well. You can kick it over, get on it, and ride for another 64 years. BB

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