1950 Vincent Comet


When the Vincent name is invoked, people see in their mind, the huge 1000cc V-twin hanging underneath the black tank. What lots of people forget is that before the Rapide and its hot brothers, the Black Shadow and Lightning, there was the Comet. This 1950 Vincent Comet, has its single, 500cc hanging from the upper frame member. But with only the single cylinder, only one exhaust pipe sweeps back creating the lines that are the Vincent engine.


From the seller

I restored the bike about 9 years ago, and have put about 15,000 miles on it since then, just getting broken in.   No expense was spared in the restoration, and it still looks almost as good as when it was first built.  I was going to clean it up before taking the pictures, as I rode it on the Vincent Owners Club North American Rally a few weeks ago, and another run before that.  But decided to show it as it looks after about 400 miles since being cleaned…..Everything works as it should, and its ready to ride anywhere….

Before you ask, I can let you know, that the RFM was probably a replacement part, as there is no number on it, and I inspected it carefully prior to powder coating and there was no indication of the part ever having been numbered.  I understand that replacement RFM’s were supplied without a number.  The UFM is numbered but is an older part.  The price asked reflects these matters.


The seller points out that all the frame/engine numbers are not present and the price reflects this. Interesting fact is that to be correct, none of the numbers on a Vincent should match. The upper and lower frames will have different numbers then the engine. There is a magic relation between the three, but it is not that they match.


Oh, and if you don’t like your 1950 Vincent Comets in black, you can check this one out this 1950 Vincent Comet in Red if you hurry. BB

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  1. Jess says:

    Luv those Vincents! Wasn’t the V-Twin produced first? Anyway, I think of John Surtees every time I see a Comet. Jess