1951 Velocette MAC


This 1951 Velocette MAC 350 may not be a Sports bike, but Velocette did have some very fine sports bikes, so even this pedestrian MAC may have some of that sporting DNA inside. With brother bikes like the MSS, KSS, and the later Viper and Venom, this  350cc OHV work horse will have a little kick.


From the seller

                  1951 Velocette Mac 350       

The following video shows the Velocette being ridden:   (Velocette350 on Vimeo)

I bought this 1951 Velocette Mac from Revival Cycles (“great guys”) in Austin, Texas (10-09-12).  

I paid $6,000.00, and had to have it shipped from Texas

The bike is exactly as I bought it from Revival Cycles.  

It is a 62 year old British bike. I have started it, ridden it, and I know it needs tuning, and servicing.  

It is not restored, so it has wear, dents, scratches etc. Service manual included


The MAC had evolved from the earlier, smaller MOV before the war, but as events escalated in the world, the MAC went to war. A single cylinder, little or no suspension with girder forks and rigid rear, the MAC WD was ideal for messenger service and spend the war as a dispatch bike. 1946 saw civilian production re-introducing the MAC and its run of production continued until 1959. War has the ability to improve the breed, and when the Dowty company developed suspension for airplanes, Velocette saw the possibility for front Forks. Olematic front forks where offered on the MAC for 1948, later improved in 1951 to a Veloce designed fork. It was in 1953 when the MAC rear received its suspension.


The muffler on this 1951 Velocette MAC gives a visual queue to the racing history of the company. The Fishtail style muffler is called a Brookland Can, and this was required on racing motorcycles and cars at the Brookland race track before the War. The 15bhp of the 350cc MAC may not get a Gold Star for going over 100mph, but at 75mph you have a steady, fun and reliable ride. You may want to replace the speedometer, and get a battery, but at the buy it now price you will get a very respectable vintage British motorcycle. BB

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