1951 Velocette MAC

We have previously highlighted Velocette here on CSBFS, but those were the top of the line Venom, and OHC KSS. This Velocette MAC is one of the pedestrian push-rod bikes that the company made. But because the number of Velocettes that came to the US was relatively low, the prices for even 350cc machines are a little higher on the Classic Bike scale. This MAC offered on eBay now is no different with a buy it now price of $11,900 and it might be an indication why you don’t see many for sale.

The seller gives some history of the Marque

Velocette is the name given to all motorcycles built from 1913 through 1971 by Veloce Ltd in England, founded in 1904.  Velocettes were expensive, hand-built motorcycles renowned for their quality. The Velocette piled on wins in UK racing events such as the Isle of Man TT, as well as great successes in international motorcycle racing from the mid-1920s through the 1950s culminating in two world championship titles (1949 and 1950 in the 350cc category) and its legendary and still-unbeaten distance record of over 2400 miles over 24 hours at an average of 100.05 mph


The MAC was offered before WWII starting in 1934, but some changes to increase reliability and handling occurred when production returned in 1946. The front end was upgraded with a unique air assisted Dowty forks. These were replace in 1951 with more conventional hydraulic dampened unit. Like many British bikes, rigid rear ends were common until 1953 when the MAC and other makes got rear springs for a little more comfort.

The seller gives a little history about this bike

Velocette MAC 350 is a significant artifact in the history of motorcycling, and could be considered museum-quality. It was running and riding strong at the time of purchase, needing nothing at that time.  It has been sitting idle in my private collection for the last three years, so it has not been started recently and will need a tune-up before riding.  The compression is super-strong.  The tank was drained at the time of decommissioning.  Both the saddle and pillion seats are in excellent condition, and appear to be original.  Tire pump, Isle of Man Championship race badge, and front fender license plate mounting screws are still attached to the bike.  Sold on a bill-of-sale only.  VIN # 9462.  Engine # MAC14920.


There are two styling cues that make a Velocette, the oldest being the Fishtail muffler. This unique style of exhaust was first used because of noise complaints by the neighbors of the Brooklands racetrack, and appeared on both motorcycles and cars. Velocette used it until they closed the doors in 1971. The other distinguishing mark is the Map of Africa timing cover. When Velocette moved their cam up the engine case to get closer to the over head valves, by default they created a likeness of the continent. If you like black motorcycles and don’t mind a ridgid ride, check out this auction now


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