1952 Harley-Davidson K Model


The way that I have heard the story is that men who had served over seas came home and were looking for those great bikes they rode over there. So Harley-Davidson wanted to give them that, and this 1952 Harley-Davidson K Model is what they gave them. A unit constructed Flat Head. Really? A Flat Head? Same design since the dawn of time? Harley had an OHV racer since the ‘20’s. Their Knucklehead had overhead since the 1930’s. So why a sporting Flat Head? There was that whole AMA rule about 750cc flat heads able to race head to head against 500cc OHV machines. Hmmm?


From the seller

Here’s my 1952 Harley Davidson K Model . This was a original converted to dirt track model .This has the original alloy frame that always broke at the lower head ,you can see a Frankenstein bracket there could be cleaned off ,but looks like they reinforced it to help with racing service.  I rode this around 5 years ago and it ran real well. Stored since and looks to need magneto work . Kicks through and all gears work and has a good working clutch. belly numbers match. It also has a bombsight carb correct.  I’ve gathered most of the original missing parts like ing. switches and fender, covers and a Harley correct generator.. No broken fins, Everything in nice condition. Speedo works and i have the original headlamp bulb! being sold as is,   NOTE with a notarized bill of sale only.


Now I might be wrong on the reasons behind the design that would come to be known as the Sportster, but it is something different. The Sportster has always had a unique place at Harley-Davidson, one that appears to have been like that of a foster child, and not one of its own. But an informal survey of the inter-web shows an apparent warming to the Sportster line. More custom bikes, more aftermarket parts? This 1952 Harley-Davidson K Model started it all and looks good now, patina and all. This may be the right time to get ahead of the trend. The K Model is really a bike I would like to own, old Flat Head, new sporty look. And yes, I would start looking for a KR TT full fairing.   BB



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