1953 MV Agusta 125cc Super Sport


There is just something about a single cycling, small displacement, Italian motorcycle in Red. It makes you want to drain all the fluids, and put it inside the house to look at it. This 1953 MV Agusta Super Sport looks like it might have gotten this treatment.


From the seller

Selling my ultra rare 1953 MV Agusta 125 Super Sport.This motorcycle was purchased from the renowned Guy Webster museum in California.It has the level of restoration to go in the Guggenhiem display.The bike traveled in Italy’s famous Moto Giro which is noted on front number plate prior to full professional restoration level.The gas tank was just sealed for future settlement or ride ability.The frame work and fenders on this particular year lends itself to such a cafe graceful look compared to it’s predecessors.The seat is a Radaelli which is a long comfortable seating position seat.The handle bars which I choose to call mustache bars are a piece of jewelry that have emmvee hand grips in like new condition.The motorcycle comes complete with original Automobile Club D’Italia paperwork framed from 1953.Where are you going to find a 1953 MV Agusta motorcycle going back that far with original doc’s.


Today, at least where I live, 125cc is not going to keep me out of trouble. Yes maybe around the block, but any further, those 125cc better be pretty hot cubic centimeters. Sure there is the Giro, a tour small displacement bikes. But really back roads to the local, locally owner operated coffee shop is about my limit in comfort with small cc bikes. Will you keep this 1953 MV Agusta Super Sport inside? Of will you be hitting the highway on your way to work? Or is there a middle ground? BB




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