1953 MV Agusta 125cc SuperSport for Sale

1953 MV Agusta 125 R Front

My fantasy garage is filled up with the classics: a big Moto Guzzi V7 or LeMans, a bevel-drive Ducati, a Laverda Jota…  Manly, brutal bikes all. But I always find myself prowling around, looking for MV Agustas.  And while I do lust after the modern Brutales, F3’s and F’4’s, I always have an eye out for the little ones, the sporting 125’s and 175’s.  They show up from time to time online and pricing varies wildly.

1953 MV Agusta 125 R Side

I do love the idea of a burly, powerful machine that is way more than I can handle, I’m a firm believer in the old adage, “It’s better to ride a slow bike fast than ride a fast bike slow…” Honestly, the guy I saw in a tank top and half helmet, stiff-arming his brand new Panigale up the Garden State Parkway probably thought he looked pretty cool, but it was pretty obvious he had no idea what he was doing… On the other hand, the guy I saw riding a GS500E at a recent track day made me smile as he passed liter bikes and serious sporting machines in the corners…

1953 MV Agusta 125 Dash

It also doesn’t hurt that, while these little MV’s may be pretty pricey, they’re still generally a whole lot less than the bigger four-cylinder bikes…  These look like they’d be a hoot to ride on a winding, two-lane road. Or look great parked up in your living room.

1953 MV Agusta 125 Seat

This particular two-stroke machine looks familiar…

From the original eBay listing: 1953 MV Agusta 125cc Super Sport

Selling my ultra rare 1953 MV Agusta 125 Super Sport.This motorcycle was purchased from the renowned Guy Webster museum in California.It has the level of restoration to go in the Guggenhiem display.The bike traveled in Italy’s famous Moto Giro which is noted on front number plate prior to full professional restoration level.The gas tank was just sealed for future settlement or ride ability.The frame work and fenders on this particular year lends itself to such a cafe graceful look compared to it’s predecessors.The seat is a Radaelli which is a long comfortable seating position seat.The handle bars which I choose to call mustache bars are a piece of jewelry that have emmvee hand grips in like new condition.The motorcycle comes complete with original Automobile Club D’Italia paperwork framed from 1953.Where are you going to find a 1953 MV Agusta motorcycle going back that far with original doc’s.

1953 MV Agusta 125 Grip

This one looks an awful lot like the one that was for sale a while back and posted here on this site. It may not have found a buyer then, but maybe second time’s the charm? These are rare machines, but sometimes that rarity can work against you. Hopefully, it will find a home this time around.


1953 MV Agusta 125 R Engine

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