1955 BMW R25/3


Does anyone know the weight limits for carry on luggage for international flights? The reason I ask is because this 1955 R25/3 in scrambler dress is currently offered from a seller in Indonesia. I have family in Indonesia, and I am wondering how many visits it would take for them to bring this  BMW over in their carry on, one piece at a time?

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From the seller

I am selling this bike 1955 BMW R25/3. I restored this bike for him last year that still fresh for “show bike”. This motorcycle has just had a complete restoration by a certified BMW mechanic who has had many years of experience in restorations especially for BMW Classic. The engine, transmission and final drive (gear ratio 25/6) were completely rebuilt with ALL new bearings and seals. The frame and frontend was bead blasted and powder coated black. It was bead blasted and painted with a single stage black paint and was hand pinstriped like they were originally.

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If you remember your lessons on deciphering BMW designations, you will know that this is the 3rd incarnation of the 250cc single from BMW. To confuse you, this is not the 3rd 250cc single ever, but the 3rd revolution of this particular design. The first in line was the R25 offered from 1950 to 1951, the /2 was offered from 1951 to 1953 and the R25/3 from 1953 to 1956. And to further confuse you the next 250cc single offered by BMW was the R26.

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More from the seller.

No have title but will have bill of sale. The speedometer is the original VDO. This electrick have 12 volt and good run in the night. and The rims are the “Weinmann” aluminum and has re-paint black and silver.  The exhaust is NEW reproduction, but is very nice for fish old model scrambler.  Pagusa solo seat. Original Bing carburator and were cleaned, blasted and rebuilt… Starts, runs and everything works.

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The one feature that sets this 250cc people carrier apart from the 109,750 other R25 build between 1950 and 1956 is the exhaust pipe. This one feature gives you the starting point to build yourself a BMW Scrambler. Now it’s not going to be a Paris Dakar winning R80GS, but with some knobbies, some thinner fenders and you could go explore those local fire roads.

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This BMW R25/3 is not by design a classic sports bike. With only 13hp driving the bike and rider to a top speed of 73mph from the factory, by definition this is far from a sports bike. But with the great Fishtail muffler high enough to clear obstacles you find in the woods, you could be one of the few people out in the forest riding a Classic BMW. But if you just like the looks of this R25/3, you could join this group.

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  1. I rode an R25/3 for a few years, it was an adorable and slow little beast, which had just been ridden across the USA by a young Berliner, in company of an identical model. They left both in San Francisco with new owners. The original low fintail exhaust was lovely; not so sure about the ISDT exhaust here – to complete the picture the fenders would have to be changed, and a few other things, which would be a shame, as the ‘elephant ear’ front fender is as stylish as BMW got in the 50s. Otherwise, as Kanye says, ‘all black everything’.