1955 MV Agusta 175CS

Small displacement. Overhead  cam. Red paint. This 1955 MV Agusta 175CS checks the boxes for an Italian motorcycle. Then on top, a nickname based on a unique gas tank. Maybe not the best for today’s roads, but perfect for inside the house.


From the seller

Iconic representation of the famous overhead cam road sportster. This bike earned its name as the Disco Volante by the form of its bulbous gas tank. Developed by Mario Rossi, after designs made by the Count Domenico Agusta in the early 1950’s.

Representing the new direction the Factory went into after leaving the strokers behind, and very successful in production numbers. It became the basis of a number of sporty roadsters.



I kid. There are plenty of riders out there who take their small Italian bikes and race them on the roadways. The Giro is an event for these bikes, and owners take great time, effort and pride in their accomplishing great things on these little bikes.


More from the seller

This version was available from 1955 on towards 1957, but the tank was only available on this type as an extra until 1956. The tank derived from its sister bike, the CSS, which was characterized by the front suspension following Earless design. In this CS form however, telescopic front suspension was adopted as the earless suspension has cast some doubts about its road-safety after race accidents.

The engine was detuned from the CSS, by means of slightly less pronounced cam form. Compression ratio was also a slight detune compared to the CSS, by means of a less pronounced high piston. Production number did not climb over 5000 units.


From the description given by the seller, it looks like there is some hot rod potential for this engine. Manufactures have sold to a price point for many years, and power has been a way to increase price point, or in this case lower it. What is great, is that after 50+ years how many upward mobile restorations and modifications have been made? Will you keep this 1955 MV Agusta 175CS as is? Store it inside next to your coffe table? Or hot rod it and go ripping around? BB

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