1955 Vincent engine in Norton Featherbed frame

During the history of motorcycles and motorcyclist, there have always been those that want to make it better. Some times those people actually work in the motorcycle industry. But some times those people work in their own shed. Some of the great motorcycles to come out of the Shed are the Britten, which tragically was as short lived as its designer. There is also the Triton, which are continued to be made. This 1955 Vincent engine has found its way into a Norton Featherbed frame, and you have the beginnings of the NorVin.


From the seller.

This is the beginnings of a Norvin. The frame is a slimline Norton, the forks are Ceriani, the front brake is a 2 leading Norton, the rear is also Norton. The gas tank is a fiberglass one, as is the seat base. Mountings need to be fabricated for the tank and seat. The engine cases are empty apart from an alternator in the primary case, included is a complete Vincent clutch, engine sprocket, and triple row primary chain. also a spare inner primary case and a spare outer timing case. The crankcase halves are a matching pair id stamp is DB10. Apart from the items listed, what you see is what you get. I can do pick up only, I do not have facilities to crate. Sold as is on a bill of sale. No title or registration. $500 deposit required within 24hrs


Now this is not for the faint of heart, or those lacking the skills, tools, or money to finish up this project. What you have here is just the start, the outline of a bike which takes the heart of a Vincent, and the skeleton of the Norton to make something great. Something of legend, something rarely seen. And did you notice that the heart is empty?


The Vincent engine was produced by a pair of Phil’s; Phillip Vincent who’s name is on the tank as the owner of the company, and Phil Irving who’s mind is in the design. The Norton Slimline Featherbed frame was designed by a pair of McCandless brothers from Ireland, who offered up their design as a way to keep Norton relative. The maker of the Manx OHV single cylinder engine, needed a skeleton to keep the power and the bike on the road. The brothers McCandless were able to do both well enough that even the out-dated engine design continues to win.


What is up for sale is a 1955 Vincent and a Norton Slimline frame. But when you finish putting the heart of the Phil’s into the skeleton of the McCandless you will have yourself a NorVin. There will be many more hours and many more dollars needed, but every journey starts with one step. BB

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