1956 MV Agusta 175 CSTL for Sale

The name MV Agusta conjures up images of the stunningly fast and achingly exotic F4 and Brutale, but the company got its start, as so many Italian manufacturers did, in the immediate postwar era, providing affordable transportation to get a war-ravaged nation back on its feet.  Or wheels, as it were.  Eventually, the demand for larger-displacement bikes grew, and MV followed that trend, creating bikes like the famous 750 America.  But, as was the case with Ferrari, street MV’s were there simply to pay for the company’s racing efforts.

So often, we listen to bench-racers discussing ultimate power, ultimate speed when describing motorcycles.  I remember overhearing a guy telling his buddy he wouldn’t be buying the new Yamaha R1 because a Kawi ZX10R would “walk on it over 160”…

As if that’s a situation that ever would or should happen on the street.

Fast really is a wonderful thing, and bigger can be better but somehow this seems to be missing the point for me.  In my dream garage, there’s definitely room for a bike like this little MV Agusta.  The 175 CSTL [Turismo Lusso] is a small-displacement, overhead cam bike with café styling.






According to the description from the original eBay listing, this one needs a little bit of attention before it’s really road-worthy, but it’s in great shape, and eligible for several classic events:

Beautiful restored MV Agusta 175 CSTL – This motorcycle has been brought out of storage after being on show for the past 4 years, fresh oil and gas was put in it and then it fired up without any problem. It runs & drives although the clutch is a bit draggy and second gear doesn’t engage properly so it will need a little work before any serious use. Perfect motorcycle for the MotoGiro USA (Sept 2012) or MotoGiro D’Italia (This week or next year). It has a clear California Title. Sold as seen in photos- all taken within the last two weeks. It leaks the normal amount of oil when sitting for any length of time – just what you would expect!

I’ve no idea what these are really worth, but they pop up for sale occasionally and seem to go for very reasonable amounts.  This one looks clean and complete, and it’s a very good thing I don’t have a few grand burning a hole in my pocket or I’d be terrorizing my neighborhood on one of these.


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