1956 Triumph TR6 Trophy

This 1956 Triumph TR6 will be sold because of the pictures. There are many and they are stunning. Well again I am biased as I have a Triumph and when ever I see a Blue Triumph like this, I get excited and want to share. The seller wants to share as well

 Greetings to All!! imotors is pleased to present this Gorgeous 1956 Triumph TR6 Trophy Bird. Our good friend and neighbor has asked us to be his eBay listing agent, and He believes that this is quite possibly the finest example anywhere!  It won first place at the 2010 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. With just 717 miles since being totally restored. It is fully sorted and in impeccable condition. It features correct British Dunlop Trials Universal tires(Dry Rotted) that are very rare these days and I will include another set with the bike. The trophy and blue ribbon will also be included. These bikes are the ones that set the standard for every other bike in 1956. The styling that originated on this year and model was ahead of its time. The bike starts first kick and runs like new. We are certain that you will be impressed with every aspect of this fine machine.

Triumph started making motorcycles way back when, and by the middle of last century they had a very good hold on the American Motorcycle landscape. With TriCor on the east coast and Johnson Motors on the west coast, a very large percentage of motorcycles that Triumph made, came by boat to America. So much so that Triumphs Managing director ended up spending 6 months a year in America (some back in England could not figure out what he was doing, but he was the Managing Director.) The Americans also had a very strong voice on what Triumph would make, and the TR6 Trophy was a case in point.

The TR6 grew from the 6T Thunderbird which was the first  650cc motorcycle offered by Triumph starting in 1951. The US market wanted “More Power”, so the Speed Twin was bored out and the Thunderbird was born. The US wanted to go into the Woods, and the TR6 Trophy was born.

Americans have always have had lots of land, and during the 1950’s and 1960’s they wanted to take their motorcycles out in the woods and explore. The Trophy Triumph was the answer. With its high pipes, knobby tires, and huge aftermarket for skid plates, air filters and the like, the people took there bikes out into the woods. But would you take this award winning bike into the woods and try to bend some of the bright shinny parts? Go take a look at this 1956 Triumph TR6 Trophy and you decide. BB

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