1958 BMW R69


What do you call a sport bike before it’s a sport bike? What if it is the next incarnation of the sportiest bike in the Manufactures line up? That is the case with this 1958 BMW R69 offered up now on eBay. In 1954 the hottest BMW was the R68, with its 600cc engine, 26mm carbs and famously pictured being ridden by a Belgian Woman Journalist. For 1955, BMW made minor changes to the engine, but major changes to the suspension, giving its 500cc and two 600cc bike a swinging suspension front and rear.


From the seller.

Up for sale is a restored 1958 BMW R69 with the correct optional swing pillion seat. This seat will fit on all the 1955 to 69 models but was only correct on the R68 and R69. The R69 is much more rare than the R69S with only 2819 of the R69 made from 1955 to 1960 and 11,417 of the R69s made from 1961 to 1969. The R69 also had the advance lever along with the R68. This is a professional restoration done at Bancroft Vintage Motor Works. There are just a few miles on this to check out the functioning of everything which is just fine and will need all the fluids changed in 500 miles. This is a frame up restoration  with the motor, transmission, and rear drive totally gone through. The top end has the R69S pistons in it which brings the horsepower up to 42. The R69 and the R69S had the same heads, valves, and camshaft, the difference was in the compression ratio from 8:1 to 9.5:1. It also has the correct carbs. 1/26/9 and 1/26/10. BMW used the rounded air filter housing begining in 1957 and used the flat license plate with the small tail light until the mid to end of 1958. This BMW was manufactured Jan. 31st 1958 and delivered to the BMW importer Butler & Smith on that same day, info. from the BMW archives. This has matching frame, motor, and ID tag numbers, but the tag is new. The original tag was missing when I purchased it but the frame and motor numbers match and were not messed with. It has the correct low lip weimann alloy rims with stainless spokes installed. It has stainless fastners and all other misc. brake arms, ect. were cadnium plated. Exhaust system is new along with the handlebars and the cables. This just needs to be ridden


The seller is very good at pointing out some of the changes between the early R69 and the later R69S. The key item that really added the Sport to the S was the pistons. Other changes were cosmetic, some pointed out by the seller. The one part the seller does not point out is the manual timing advance on the clutch side perch. The rider use to have some impute into the timing of the bike, able to advance or retard the spark This is a helpful when starting the bike, or if you are caught in a place were the fuel is closer to water then gas.


The R69 is high up on the list of desirable vintage BMW. Of the post war bikes the R68 may be at the top, with the R69 being second. The first because it is the sportiest bike from a short post war period, the second because of limited numbers. This 1958 R69 was a new beginning for BMW, but just the first step in the evolution of the bike called the R69. BB


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  1. Rich Mintz says:

    This is an AMAZING bike and the restoration looks gorgeous. I love the pillion seat with the little scoop on the back!