1958 Dresda Triton

When motorcyclist in the 1960’s wanted the best bike for racing around the street, it was not one offered by a single manufacture, but parts from two makers. The Triton was born when you took a Triumph engine and put it into a Norton Featherbed frame. Usually these were put together in your own garage with parts that you would source from where ever you could. But there was Professional doing this, and they apparently where quite good, and offered up here on eBay is a Tritons made by Dresda.

From the seller

This is my 1958 Dresda Triton race bike with spares.The bike has the Norton Featherbed frame with a pre unit Triumph 650 engine that has been punched out to 750. The engine is very nicely modded with exceptional hardware. The bike was last gone over and raced in England and it was done to very high standards indeed. There is a long list of mods and special features and I invite you to call for details.


Dave Degens started racing and wrenching in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’ and is still going at it today. He is the man behind Dresda who wanted to go faster and did this by improving upon the Norton Featherbed frame with inspiration from Aermacchi frames. He was able to put together bikes that went on to win Endurance races such as the 24hrs of Barcelona in 1965 and 1970. And when the Japanese engines started to surpass what the British industry offered, he changed with the times, creating some very fast and well handling UJM.

From the seller

The bike comes with a nice race stand and all the spare bits pictured. All the spare parts are worthwhile and by no means junk. This is a high quality race bike suitable for display in your office as much as it is for going head to head on a track. Naturally, it should have new tires and a checking over before a race weekend, but it is very nice indeed and a worthy addition to your garage


When Classic racing became Vogue again in the 1980’s Dresda was still there making frames stronger and lighter then ever. Today you can get a replica of the bikes build to compete and win the Barcelona 24hr. They use the technology of today and apply it to the styling’s of the past. The seller lists this as a 1958 Triton but this could mean that it was made a year ago with a 1958 engine case. Because Dresda is currently making bikes to order it would help increase the value if the seller could tell us how long this Triton had been on the planet. But really weather it is 2 years old or 50, it is a great looking bike.


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