1958’ish Triumph T100 road racer


When you talk about race bikes you have to talk about when it started, not so much where it is right now. When you race it and brake it, you have to fix it to race it. This is likely the case with this 1958, well 1951-1953 Triumph T100 race bike offered up right now.


From the seller

We are listing this a 1958 because the motor number indicates it as 1958 T100. There are no numbers on the frame; they were removed at some point. The frame is from an earlier 1951-1953 rigid Triumph. The rear section of the frame is not from a T100.


The seller of this motorcycle is a dealer which has been around since 1963. There is a good chance that there are spares from many other years also used on the really nice road racing Triumph. It appears to be a very historically correct representation of what it was like to race a Triumph in the 50’s.  And I like that.


More from the seller

The foot control mounts were custom fabricated, but look nice and period. The motor uses big bearing cases. This is an ex-Gordon Menzie race bike. It is intended for use in class C racing. This bike underwent a complete rebuild here at Big D Cycle. It was torn down to the crankshaft. The motor is fresh with a good 80mm stroke crankshaft that has been balanced with new rods, pistons, and rings. The journals on the crankshaft are still standard size; they have not been turned under. The cylinders were bored and honed and fitted for the new +80 pistons. The motor uses camshafts from Harmann and Collins. We also fitted a new Newby belt drive and clutch. The magneto has been serviced and timed; the bike is very easy to bump start. This has the dual carburetor setup from Triumph’s racing kit, as well as the one gallon oil tank.


Before the war, you could write Triumph and ask for one of their race bikes. After the war they stopped doing that, because Triumph didn’t go racing. But you could write them and ask for a kit, bits and pieces that when added to your T100, could make you competitive with all those manufactures that did go racing.


This 1958’is Triumph T100 is a collection of bits when assembled give you a early 1950’s Road Racing Triumph. You also get a nice and squirly sprung rear hub, designed by Ed Turner as a stop gap before putting real shocks on the rear end. The exhaust are not the open cone of the original but  reverse cones, likely for dB restrictions, and better tuning. It does not have papers which link it directly to one year, one bike, in fact it has no papers. But when you start it up, and race it, that is all you need. BB


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