1960 BSA A10 Rocket Spitfire

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I will start out by pointing out that this  1960 BSA A10 Rocket Spitfire is located in Germany, so if you had your bid ready, adjust upward to include shipping. With that said you cant go wrong with this BSA twin doing its best Gold Star impression (note single exhaust muffler). Not taking anything away from the A10 twin, but all BSA’s will be compared to the 500cc single that had such an impact in the Motorcycle world.

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From the seller

This extraordinary classic motorcycle was built for vintage motorcycle racing.
Very rare and expensive parts have been used for this project. When finished, the owner didn’t want to use the
bike for racing because it seemed to be too valuable. So the bike was slightly modified for road use.
After passing the German TÜV (MOT), the machine was used on the road very carefully, just 1300km (800mls) were driven.
The motorcycle is ready to drive and a very fast runner.

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I am a little confused by the Rocket Spitfire that the seller uses to describe this bike. The A10 engine had developed from the pre-war A7, and grew to become the A65 engine. First offered in 1950, the A10 was BSA’s attempt to keep up with both Triumph and Norton and their respective parallel twins. The seller calls this a Rocket Spitfire, but the A10 offered the Super Rocket, and the later A65 offered the Top of the Line Spitfire. I have been unable to find a Rocket Spitfire.

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There are some mixed and matched components.

The long list of precious and rare parts includes:

-A 10 Spitfire Scrambler frame, only 800 were ever built, frame number begins with GA7A
-original BSA production racing cylinder head, twin port, extra big valves, was never available commercially
-Mondial racing pistons (ratio: 9,5:1)
-Lucas racing magneto, rebuilt to very high standard
-2 Amal concentric carburettors (932)
-original RRT2 Gold Star gearbox with reverse cam-plate (original gear positions with foot pegs moved back)
-5 gallons LYTA Aluminium petrol tank with racing cap, handcrafted in England
-Fontana double duplex front brake, specially made for racing
-Ceriani Grand Prix racing fork “Hydra Glide ” with 35mm standpipes (very rare)
-clip ons
-modified chronometric tacho, 10.000 revs
-siamese manifold with racing silencer
-Gold Star racing seat
and some more Gold Star and Manx parts, as shown on picture


The seller stats that this bike has been licensed in Germany, no small feat. With such restrictive requirements, shade tree mechanics, and high end custom builders have to jump through many hoops to get licensed, something not found in the States. The builder of this 1960 BSA A10 Rocket Spitfire pulled parts and design features from many different BSA’s, and even though you would have to ship it from Germany, I think it is very well done. BB

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