1962 BMW R27


BMW has not been know as a Sports Bike company by many. Sure there was a guy named Ernst Henne who worked for the company and set lots of world speed records on NA and Supercharged BMW. But when you look at this 1962 BMW R27, you don’t think its an Italian sporting single, you see a people carrier. You might want to get ahead of the curve on this one.


From the seller

BMW  R-27 1962   Nice original 250 cc R27 30,119 original miles. I bought it in Jan. 2012.  When I bought it, it had new Heidenau tires,  head light ring, throttle cable, exhaust system, carb boot and clamps and tail light ring.   The bike seems very original.  It is by no means a show bike, but it is a totally complete, solid R 27.  The aluminum rims are in excellent condition.  I had Bore Tech bore the cylinder and put a new piston in.  That cost $315.  I had Memphis Motor Werks rebuild the head, 2 new valves, new valve seats, new valve guides.  This cost $603.  I put the motor together, rode the bike for a few miles and back it went into storage.  This would be a very easy restoration project or just tune it and put it into service.  I also have spare clutch and brake levers and original Hella bar end turn signals, one orange lense is missing. The inside of the gas tank is very clean. Bike sold as is, no waranty. Also, I have some history of this bike that will go to the winning bidder.  This bike sat in a BMW dealership from 1962 until1983, when it was sold new.  I also have a repair manual and parts manual that go with the bike and receipts for the motor work I had done.


From 1960 until 1966 the R27 was BMW single cylinder, 250cc people mover. With over 15 thousand made, they were marketed as a way to get from point A to point B. But what you can do with its 68mm square engine, at 247cc should not be surprising. The factory 8.2 to 1 CR, 26mm Bing would generate 18HP at 7400 rpm to a reported top speed of 80mph. Not bad. But what about the tried and true improvements of Cam (a little more lump lump)  Carb (a Dell’orto can be adapted) and Compression (a hot R50S piston could fit?)

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With a little bit of effort, a little money, and getting to know the right people you can make a very quick Black German single. Something that might put it to some Italian Red Singles. Bonneville Salt Flats are known as the Great White Dyno, and if you check the record books for vintage 250cc motorcycles, you will see that BMW is listed multiple times. Yes these are race prepped bikes, but think what can be done to a daily rider. Something that was designed to get you from point A to point B, with a little effort, and now that trip is a little quicker. I think the secret is out on these BMW singles, so bid on this 1962 BMW R27 to get ahead of the curve. BB




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