1962 Ducati racing single

If you have noticed a trend in the bikes that I am drawn to, you will see why this 1962 Ducati AHRMA caught my eye. If it has a fairing, is impractical, and could never really be useful, then I am all over it. I would love to have the time, money and local venue to take a track dedicated bike out and thrash every weekend. But since I have none of the required available, I will continue to surf for bikes like this one.

From the seller

New twin plug ignition engine with only 50 tuning and break in miles built by Joe Taylor of North Carolina. Bike starts easily and runs strong. Full body work, Dunstall clip-ons, Scitsu electronic racing tach, Akront rims, rear sets, Works Performance shocks and Magura levers. In addition it has a Regina chain and racing sprockets and case saver. This racer is safety wired and track ready. Bike to be sold on a bill of sale only. If you don’t like it once you get it, I’ll give you your money back!

That is a bold offer. A money back guarantees is a great idea, but how practical will it be for a motorcycle? Looking at the ton of pictures that the seller added, there might be a very good chance that the buyer will not collect on that guarantee.

With race bikes you can never really tell anyone what performance you are going to get. But from the wheels and tires, dual plugged engine, and body work you can imagine that both time and money had gone into making this the best that it could be. If you are going to make the leap and place a bid on this 1962 Ducati AHRMA racer chances are you know what you want and will not have to talk about a guarantee. Check out all the pictures either way. BB

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