1962 Ducati Road Racer

When does something that is classic become cliché? When does the Ducati Grey and Green color scheme go from being representative of the great win at Imola, and become just another green and grey motorcycle? I don’t think that we have reached that point yet, and this 1962 Ducati Road Racing single offered up on eBay now is a great representation of the beginning of Ducati’s evolution as a World Racing Giant.

From the seller

250 Ducati Vintage RoadRacer. This would be a great addition to any collection or a great vintage racer.  Works rear shocks.  lightened flywheel, 12v total loss electrical system, delorto carb.  Double cam front brake with race linings, fibreglass bodyparts, avon roadrunners on aluminum rims. Still has the wheel weights taped on from the last race.   Engine is fresh and runs very strong. Very loud with its tuned exhaust. Revs quickly.  Clutch and 5sp transmission are very smooth.   This bike appears to be race ready or ready for display. Bike totally safety wired. Paint is beautifully done. Windshield is very clear with no haze. Only blemish is on the rear seat top where the number plates have rubbed and buffed the paint. If you put the plates back on it covers its. Don’t have the rear plates.

The seller doesn’t say if the engine is a Desmo or a regular Sprung head. I am going to say that it is not because if I am selling a Ducati, I would make this the number one selling point. Ducati had Desmo engines in the 1950’s, but did not offer them to the general public until the end of the 1960’s. Again since the seller did not say that this was a factory  1962 250cc bike, I am not going to assume that it would have Desmo from the factory.

More from the seller

Pitsch 12,000 rpm tach

Custom mounted oil cooler. I have not raced this bike. Traded for it. So my knowledge is limited on the bike.  Please message me with questions.  Please study the pictures closely. Very fine example of a Ducati single racer. Comes with a set of manual rollers to start the bike with.  Two extra frames. Freshly powered coated black with swing arms.  Extra 46t sprocket and carb kit.

If you wanted to get into Vintage Motorcycle racing this looks like a great starter kit. With the two extra frames, you may be able to sell them to fund spare engine parts. Maybe even a Desmo head conversion. I have always wanted to start road racing, and only a hour or so down the road is a track that does have vintage days. If I were to buy this 1962 Ducati, and a set of leathers, and a trailer; would I still go road racing? Time is the only thing you cannot buy. BB

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