1962 Velocette Venom Enduro

This is the last bike from the same Canadian Velocette fan. Like the Clubman from the other day, this 1962 Velocette Venom Enduro has a 500cc engine, but it is used to get down the dirt roads.


$_57 (1)



From the seller

Well appointed bike ready for the road. Just had end to end service, has been really well cared for.


First developed in 1958, Velocettte scrambler’s were targeted at the US market, and had a specially lightened frame, allow fenders and a high pipe. The ultimate off road bike offered by Velocette was the Enduro. It additionally had high handle bars, a 21-inch front wheel, a small fuel tank and full lights. This example has the same low Fishtail exhaust found on most Velo’s. I have included a picture found on the web that shows what a high pipe on a Enduro could look like.


The history of Off-road events probably go back to the 2nd or 3rd motorcycle ever built. Most cases it was just a fact of life that roads were off-road. It wasn’t until later that motorcycles were focused on the dirt. Most manufactures offered off-road capable scrambler bikes, and understandably with North America’s great stretches of wilderness, many bikes like this 1962 Velocette Venom Enduro ended up on our shores. This one comes from the Great White North. BB

From the Velobanjogent

From the Velobanjogent

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