1963 Honda CB72 Road Racer


I know there are people out there that study, and search, and have re-created lost motorcycles, but this 1963 Honda CB72 Road Racer might be a small study in motorcycle Archaeology. The last sentence in the seller description make it sound like a mystery, but it would be fun spending a weekend or two out at the track solving the puzzle.

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From the seller

Was raced into the 70’s in Ontario Canada…..sold to a previous Honda dealer in Saskatchewan who did some restoration work but the seat had been misplaced when it went out for re upholstery’s. I purchased the bike in 1985 and eventually bought a replica seat and had it painted to match. Other than displayed at a couple of bike shows over the years, it has sat on a display shelf at my dealership for 27 years. Unfortunately the race log book with tuning settings and maintenance was lost before I acquired it and I’m unsure of any other details. Believe the bike is based on the CYB Honda race kit.

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There are TV programs were people go out and dig through peoples homes and property to find hidden treasures. How many Honda Dealerships have been gone through to see what can be found? Are there racers hidden in the rafters? Are there CYB parts in boxes that haven’t seen the light of day? Especially in the Great White North of Canada were the racing season could be 2 weeks long?

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There was a time when Honda offered over the counter road racers. This was a combination of user demand, with a hint of marketing. Honda was new to the scene in the early ‘60’s, and what better way to get people to come see the showroom then racing and winning on the weekend. This then generated the privateer coming to the parts department and filling out the forms to get their own racer for next season. Bikes like this 1963 Honda CB72 Road Racer can be found in garages of people, and the back rooms of dealership. Go find them. BB

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