1963 Honda CR93

When we highlighted this CR93 back in April, I would never have expected to see another one. These over the counter racers were expensive at the time, and rare and expensive today. If you are looking for the right weapon to take to your local track day, or fancy a race ready street bike, this 1963 CR93 is currently bidding up against a reserve on eBay.

Back in the day if you wanted one of these privateer racers you could go to your local Honda dealer and put your $1400 down and get a 13,500rpm screamer. This was a huge investment as the previous over the counter racer, the CB92 would have only set you back $495. You would have “support” from the local dealer because all of the necessary parts were available through the parts catalogue.


From the seller

Engine is a 125cc twin, 4-valve per cylinder with dual overhead cams driven by 6 straight-cut gears coming up off crankshaft on left side. Dual racing carburetors with open megaphone exhausts. Full-race, fully-advanced magneto/points/condensers/coils ignition (no battery). Warmup at 7-9K rpm for 5 minutes, 9-11K rpm for 5 minutes. On-track use stay between 11-13K rpm, redline 13.5 K. Five speed close ratio transmission, in 5th gear at 13K you are just over 100 mph (need track with long straight). Fun to ride, corners beautifully, very forgiving, problem-free. Makes one heck of a sound, can be heard a mile away. Wear earplugs.

The riders in Japan were able to get the same bike with headlight and tail lights. The engine was slowed a little by a baffled exhaust compared to the open megaphone for the track. Honda found a solution to adjusting valve gap that I am glad did not catch on. If you needed to decrease the gap you would solder metal onto the rocker arm, to increase the gap you would file a little metal off the rocker arm. Little things like this do not make for a maintenance free daily rider, but the seller claims a California title, so maybe. BB

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