1964 Yamaha TD1b production racer


The old saying that the first motorcycle race started when the second motorcycle was made, tells you a lot about people who ride motorcycles. Yamaha offered the TD1 to give anyone the best possible racing motorcycle over the counter. There were still going to be Factory bikes, the manufacture will always hold a little back, but this 1964 Yamaha TD1b production racer was offered up to anyone who had the cash to put on the Yamaha dealers counter.

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From the seller

Yamaha TD1b production Race Bike frame Number T1-408 Engine Number D6-408. I purchased this bike as a project a few years ago and now have another project that I will need to fund so I am offering it for sale. Frame has been stripped checked and painted. Wheels have been cleaned polished and re-spoked. I have not dismantled or run the motor, but appears to be in good condition. Bike comes with spares that I have collected for the restoration. A pair of unused Niksal bores, a pair of production race heads, set of pistons, 4 sets of rings, set of pins, fairing with screen and correct mounting brackets (not pictured), and all spares pictured on the table. This bike has been lightly assembled in order to reconcile all parts and will require further restoration/finishing . Please study photos as the form part of this description. I will endeavor to answer all your questions and will supply more photos if required, so don’t hesitate if you are interested. These bikes are rapidly becoming scarce and would make an excellent parade bike and solid collectible investment.

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The TD1 did not come out of the factory as the fastest and most reliable motorcycle. There were some growing pains and the TD1a and TD1b both had issues that were continually addressed by both Yamaha and their owner and tuners. The predecessor came out in 1959 as the YDS-1 twin cylinder 2-stroke. It was offered in both scrambler and road going models, and with the success of the privateer, Yamaha had found a market for a racing 2-stroke.

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The b model list of improvements included a larger crankshaft, changes to the cylinder bores to increase life, and port improvements. These were not all the improvements that were needed for the design. The frame was still lacking stiffness, the ignition timing tended to wander, and carburetion was hindered by the decision to mount the remote floats to the engine crank case. As these points were address, the TD1 became the TD2, but that’s a different story.

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This 1964 TD1b up for offer is what it is. The mid point in the development by Yamaha for an over the counter racer. If you take ownership, you may not be the fastest Vintage 2-Stroke on the track, but you will be representing a long line of people who went to Yamaha and wanted the best that they offered at the time. BB

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