1965 Ducati Mark 3 Diana


You may have notices in previous posts that I am not always a believer of motorcycles sitting inside, displayed as art and not ridden. This 1965 Ducati Mark 3 Diana may be one of the few passes I would give to owners displaying the bike instead or riding it. The owner of this Ducati is possibly the owner who sold it originally in 1965 from the factory, the owner is the oldest exclusive Ducati dealership in the United States. A man displaying his wares, what better advertising material? Yes its not a 2013 Ducati Desmosedici, but they are related.


From the seller

We have for sale a restored 1965 Ducati Mark 3 Diana. This motorcycle has been displayed for the past 10 years in the Ducati Seattle Showroom. Due to an impending remodel, we no longer have an appropriate space for the motorcycle.

The Diana was restored in the year 2000 and is complete. While it does not currently run, it could be made to run with a small investment in time.

The engine number is DM250M3-100244. While the bike is in excellent display condition, it is not a perfect restoration and is priced as such. A number of parts were not original to the 1965 Diana and as such it cannot be considered ‘correct’.


Something that has always confused me about Ducati Singles are the multitude of designations and spellings that seem to be used. Mach 3, Mk 3, Mark 3. English English? Shorthand? For the American Market? Which is it? Anyone? What this is, is a 250cc that was first offered up in 1963 with its 10:1 CR and generated 28hp at 8500rpm. This power was fed by a 29mm Dell’orto SS1 carb with its erotic Velocity stack and would take this 280 lbs bike over 100mph, a bench mark of the time. Small, light, nimble, but still able to get it going.


Sorry to say that you will not be getting the Desmodromic valve system. This did not trickle down from Ducati’s race engine until 1968 and the Diana Mark 3D. You will get bevel drive, which is key to the ability of this 250cc to develop power all the way to 8500rpm. You will also have a “narrow case” single which is the original design, but found wanting in a few areas that were addressed after 1967 and the “wide case” singles.


This 1965 Ducati Mark 3 Diana has been sitting as a display at the dealership that could possibly have sold it new in 1965. The Berliner brothers would have imported the bike direct from Ducati and shipped the bike out west. Another clerical fact if you were to win this bike from the dealer, is that you will get a bill of sale only, possibly because it has sat so long, not title was needed. BB


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  1. Carl says:

    Mach 1 in Europe with battery and charging system. USA got the Mark 3, which had no battery and a flywheel magneto, no clip ons but silly high rodeo bars. Actually finding a smooth top triple clamp and clip ons to make a nice low bar Mark 3 can be pretty hard. Hence this bike is conglomerate: no battery system, but it has the Mach 1 sticker and smooth top triple clamp. Frankly, this is how most would like it, unless you are a stickler for originality.
    MK3 is just a non-manufacturer abbreviation. There is no Mach 3.