1965 Velocette Viper

It may seem that I post a Velocette every time one comes up for auction. This may be the case, but it wont be that often as they don’t come up for sale that often. I think it might be a combination of the limited numbers that appeared on our shores, but more likely the owners are very devout and don’t let them go. This 1967 Velocette Viper is offered up on eBay now, so you might take the chance to grab it, because it will be a while until you see one again.

From the seller

I have owned this really nice Velocette Viper 350 for a couple of years during which time I have ridden it only about 500 miles. It is a pleasure to ride but it is a duplicate in my fairly large collection and I have decided to let someone else enjoy it. This fairly rare Viper is well known in the Velocette club with it’s history going back many years.

What makes this bike that little bit more rare is that it is still a Viper. The 349cc Junior bike from Velocette often found itself a donor for a cubic centimeter enhancement. As we can see from this CSBFS post from last April many owners wanted a little more, so they added the bigger jug and plug, to get themselves a Venom.

More from the seller

Although only 350cc this bike really “thumps” along very nicely.  You have to rev it a bit more than a Venom but with 27 bhp (compared to the Triumph 3TA Tweny One with 18.5 bhp) this lovely bike still performs very well. Excellent road holding and a smooth gearbox.

The Viper offered its rider 28bhp from its engine with a top speed of 91mph, and to compare my 500cc BMW from the same time only had 26hp. In a world were bigger is better I can see why owners want to up the ante. But the Viper was such a good package, and the British had spent years developing and racing 350cc bikes that they did a good job at it. This Viper on eBay now will get a lot of attention, and it will mostly get the attention for what has not been done to it. BB

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