1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer for Sale

1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer R Front

Looking to get into vintage racing, but don’t want to rescue some barn-find wreck? This very nice Aermacchi might fit the bill. Or you can just park it up in your living room and admire it.

1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer Engine2

By the early 1960’s Harley Davidson bought a stake in the Italian manufacturer of small-displacement road and race machines. They were looking to expand their model range to include something small and light, with European flair, and Aermacchi’s simple, reliable singles seemed a good fit. But then, as now, the Harley faithful didn’t really take to the idea of something that was actually sportier than a Sportster, and the relationship didn’t really end well…

1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer Dash

While outclassed at the time by the escalating small-displacement power wars going on in the late 1960’s, the durable 350 was popular among racers then, and remains so today. This particular bike is extremely nice, and the photos, taken in bright sunlight show it off well.

From the original eBay listing: 1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer for Sale

For Collector or Racer. The motor on this 1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer has been rebuilt by Aermacchi specialist Feruccio (Frank) Giannini of Giannini Racing (check his web site).  Fitted PVL electronic self-generating ignition. Dry clutch, 11:5 TI piston, and high torque cam. Race or show, these road racers still can be found in the winner’s circle. Sold with a Bill of Sale. the stand comes with it.

This motorcycle was recently purchased at Mecum Las Vegas Auction January/2014, but my racing days are over. You can find it in on their web site, lot 328.

I have used Uship or Haulbikes for shipping. Shipping is buyer’s responsibility, buyer pays all shipping. Must be picked up at my home in San Marcos CA

1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer Front Brake

This one might need a bit of fettling, since it looks like it’s been more show than go for a while, but it sounds like the important prep work has been done here: just blow out the cobwebs and go. If you aren’t the fastest bike on the track, you’ll surely be on one of the sharpest-looking bikes: I love that dry clutch peeking out through the slotted cover!

1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer Right Rear

If you’re thinking about going racing and don’t fancy trying to compete with a bunch of don’t-believe-they-can-die 19 year olds on shrieking, 180hp literbikes, this might be a great, hands-on way to get into competition with something you can easily wrench on yourself. Parts and advice should be readily available, as there is a strong internet community that revolves around these. Remember: it’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow!

I’d just fit one of those Vegia white-faced tachs I love so much and try not to think about how goofy my 6’2” frame might look hanging off this at speed…


1967 Aermacchi 350 Road Racer L Front

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