1967 CB160 racer

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As we all know, plans change. But when was the last time your plans changed and you ended up with a 1967 CL/CB160 racer? The seller started to build a track bike for vintage racing, and ended up a tail light short (and maybe a few other things) for a great street racer .

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From the seller.

Selling my latest project, a 1967 Honda CL160 AHRMA cafe custom.  I was building this bike for the track, it all it needs is a tail light to be street legal (it’s all been pre-wired to accept a tail light at any time).  Every detail was considered when doing this build.  Every nut and bolt was either refinished or replace for function and esthetics.  It is a fresh rebuilt engine, so it still needs time to settle in.  Fresh paint, powder coat, and chrome.


The not so new thing in vintage racing is sub 200cc racing. Hondas and other light light weights are being converted to track bikes, and packs of these racers are buzzing around track in the US. The cost are low (for racing), the speeds are lower, and some events even start a la Le Mans, with riders running across the track to bump start their bikes.

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The parts list

New Bridgestone battlax tires 90/90-18
New inner tubes
New Shouldered Aluminum wheels
Hubs drilled for ventilation then polished
Frame hooped and pan added to place the battery under the fiberglass seat
Rewired to relocate battery
Fresh powder coat
New Paint – Cloud Silver
New Pistons ,rings, collars, pins
0.75 overbore
Valve job
Polished allen set for engine
Chrome (re-chromed hardware)
Clubman bars
New grips
New cafe seat
New Pertronix electric ignition (no more points!)
Ignition sleeve
New Alchemy starter plug
New Hagon shocks (set to 180lbs)
Joker machine spacers
New Battery
New Emblems
New Chain
New Air Filters
Petcock seal kit
All new hardware

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Time is what it takes to re-build a vintage bike these day. Well time and money. So when time passes, ideas change, and plans change. This seller started with the goal of vintage racing. But now this 1967 CL/CB160 is just a tail light (and title) short of being a great street bike. Take this opportunity and take the lights off and go racing, or add what is needed and ride the streets on a great little bike. BB

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