1967 Yamaha YL-1 TwinJet

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I have not been able to glean a lot of information on this 1967 Yamaha YL-1 from the world wide web. But with a full fairing, and a racing background I wanted to share this little 100cc 2-stroke with everyone.


From the seller

This YL-1 was bought in 1970 and converted to a racing bike for the 1971 AFM season.  It was raced in 1971 – 1973   The Yamaha GYT Kit barrels, carbs, heads, and pistons were added in 1973.  The bike was restored in 2010, and shown at the July 2010 Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club’s show in Auburn, CA.  The engine starts easily and it has abundant power.  Includes the “Yamaha Service Manual”, the “Genuine Parts Catalog”, and “Official YL1 GYT Modification Information”

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Yamaha has sold this bike in the US as the TwinJet. 100cc twin cylinder 2-stroke. Can’t see why it didn’t take off like the CB750. I did find that these did race, and race with some impressive numbers. 18bhp would take these twins to 93mph top speed. With 2-strokes as with any engine the power is really gained getting the fuel/air in and out of the cylinder. I would wager that the GYT kit does that well.

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I think nation wide the small displacement vintage bikes are getting more attention at the track. Locally the 175cc group have plenty of entrance, running small Honda’s with great success. I would guess that this 1967 Yamaha YL-1 TwinJet would mix it up pretty well with larger four strokes. Are you going to have a go? BB

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  1. Doug says:

    Back when I was in high school (dinosaurs were still common then) the Twin Jet 100 was the bike to have. Fast, cool looking, stylish. The ordinary guys rode Yamaha 80s and Honda 90s, the cool guys rode Twin Jet 100s. A “big bike” like was 250cc machine was for college kids and rich kids. And Triumph’s and Harley’s were on another planet entirely. I never got my cool Twin Jet 100, after high school I leaped ahead to the Yamaha 180cc. Honestly, if I could find a clean, fairly unmolested Twin Jet 100 I’d probably buy it if the price was right. Never too late to be a cool kid.