1968 BMW R60

BMW is not the first name you think of when you want to make a Café racer, the Earles Fork models from 1955-1969 would be even less likely to be chosen. But this is exactly what has been done to this 1968 R60/2 BMW offered up on eBay now. “Making it work” was a difficult thing to accomplish, but the builder of this bike has done a very good job.

From the seller

This is a1968 R60/2 matched numbered machine that has been Hand Made into a tribute to the famous Racing machines of the 50’s. This bike is a testament to the Famous Cafe Racing BMW’s Rennsport’s of the late 50’s and 60’s.

Modified frame with custom rear sets.  Totally custom front end with a Rare and Famous Grimeca Italian leading four shoe front brake, Dellorto Carborators along with a lightened flywheel and higher compression pistons.

The Megura clip-ons with custom triple tree hold the rare Competition/Police Hella Period Headlight Bucket, without a speedometer. Next to that is a VDO tachometer drive system, All accessories are genuine  no reproductions were used.

From 1955 until 1969 BMW offered this 594cc R60 as a work horse of a motorcycle. With the Earles forks up front, and a sidecar attached, the R60 would be used as daily transportation for a small family. Larger in displacement then the R50/2, and without the high compression engine of the R69S, the starting point of this Rennsport inspired bike is and interesting choice. There are some that believe that the combustion design of the “lesser” R50/R60 heads have more potential then the Hemi shape of the R69S heads. From the factory the R60 only generated 28hp at 5800rpm which gave it a top speed of 90mph. Stock compression ratio would only have been 6.5:1, so there is lots of room to improve. I would hope with the addition of Dellorto carbs, and removal of the big chunk of aluminum from the transmission that is the air cleaner mounting point,  hint toward other engine modifications the seller does not point out.

More from the seller

Tank is a period collectible Hoske, approximately 8 gallons, it is perfect inside and out. The seat is a custom Cafe style and both fenders are Stainless. Rear tail light is a Dami Racer. Rims are alloy with stainless spokes. The final drive has been polished as well.

This custom motorcycle, is a joy to ride, since its creation it has less than 1,000 miles on the road.

The Black bikes from Bavaria have always been seen as a rich, boring mans bike. High bars, big seats, and the shaft drive are all designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Nothing more. The truth is that BMW from this era have a cult like following often more interested in re-creating the same bike that came out of the factory those many years ago. This is not one of those people, they asked what if, and then went and did it. This R60 BMW is not your older, conservative, fathers bike. Will it be one that you place a bid on? BB

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  1. Chris Leach says:

    Could you tell me if this bike is still for sale?