1968 Velocette Venom

If you follow Classic Sports Bikes For Sale on Facebook you know that we try to post every Velocette that comes up for sale that we run across. In the US they are a manufacture that comes up for sale so rarely that we want to let our readers know. For our readers in the UK who might see Venom’s, Vipers, MAC and MSS come up all the time, they might not understand the scarcity of Velo’s for sale. This 1968 Velocette Venom is currently for sale on eBay now, and it might be 6 months or more until you see another available.

 From the seller.

Here is your chance to get into a Velocette Venom at a nice price.  This is a complete, mostly original Venom that happens to be missing its title.  There are a couple of companies that make it easy and affordable to obtain a title for older vehicles.  Details available upon request.  The tank has been repainted at some point, but the bike looks original otherwise.  It does show its age but a nice patina is something that only comes with age.  It’s just proof that she’s stood the test of time.  It starts easily when you know the drill, and it bombs down the road in true British thumper fashion.  This is a bike that will only go up in value.

This 1968 Venom was build toward the end of the run of  499cc singles, and also the end of Velocette as a company. Offered from 1955 until 1970 when Velocette closed their doors, the Venom represented the largest displacement from Velocette. The company was able to do a lot with what we today might seem like a small engine. In 1961 4 riders spent 24hr riding around a large concrete bowl outside of Paris, averaging 100.05mph to set a record that stands to this day.

As it came from the factory the large singe could produce 34hp at 6250rpm and get the rider up over the Ton. The Venom did have a junior 350cc offering at the same time in the Viper. Also offered at the same time was the highly tuned Velocette Thruxton. All three of these engines had the unique timing side cover, shaped like the African continent. This covered up an engine with the camshaft high up in the block to shorten the push rod distance to the rockers.

The seller doesn’t give us a lot on the bike itself, spending more on the arrangements before and after purchase. What you can see in the pictures is a bike that looks to be unchanged since 1968. The term often used is Patina, and original is best these days. If you are in a position to purchase a bike now, this Velocette Venom would be a very nice choice for what it is, unique, what it offers, a sporty classic, and how it looks, well sorted and original. Good luck. BB

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