1969 Ducati 350 Mark III for Sale

1969 Ducati Mark III 350 L Side

Among Ducati fans, the sexy, sporting V-Twins often hold the place of greatest honor.  But many collectors prefer the lightweight, sporty singles that helped propel Ducati from their modest beginnings as makers of budget transportation onto the world stage of racing.  These machines were available in a wide variety of configurations, including sports, standard, and off-road models and displacements ranging from 160 to 450cc’s.

This particular machine occupies the middle ground in terms of engine displacement and specification since it appears to have the tower shaft driven SOHC head with conventional valve springs.  At the time, Ducati’s signature Desmodromics were available only on select, higher-spec models.

1969 Ducati Mark III 350 Dash Close

From the original eBay listing: 1969 Ducati 350 Mark III for Sale

Ducati 350, Fully restored Mark 3.

Very nice collectible. Lots of fun to ride. Very Fast.

Great Daily Rider or Collectors Bike.

Less than 100 miles on build.

1969 Ducati Mark III 350 Dash1969 Ducati Mark III 350 Bits






Obviously not much detail in this listing, but there are plenty of high-resolution photographs to compensate, including a great one of a well-worn Clymer workshop manual. Bidding is only at $5,400.00, with just a couple days left on the auction and lots of activity.



1969 Ducati Mark III 350 R Engine



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    Unfortunately a side deal was made again and the auction was cancelled. This seems to happen alot lately.