1969 Norton 750 Commando Fastback

1969 Norton Commando Fastback R Front1969 Norton Commando Fastback Dash

The Norton Commando Fastback follows the classic British sport bike formula, with a powerful, twin-cylinder engine, stable handling, and tons of character. Vibration of the big 750 parallel twin was absorbed by Norton’s proprietary “Isolastic” system that isolated engine vibration with a system of rubber mounts. Surprisingly effective when properly maintained, it made throbbing powerplant a livable proposition. The canted-forward engine looked sharp and added a sporty, modern flair and the “fastback” styling was… Controversial.

At the time, the rakish looks were not universally accepted and period reviews reflected mixed opinions. But time has proven Norton right and the Fastback is now a very sought-after classic.

This one appears to be a great riding machine:

1969 Norton 750 Commando Fastback

1969 Norton Commando Fastback R Engine1969 Norton Commando Fastback L Damper

The seller’s spelling isn’t so hot, but the bike he’s selling sure is. From the original eBay listing:

I owned this bike since 1991 and purchased it at British Motorcycles. Matching numbers. After the engine was rebuiilt it only ran under 10,000. This bike has a Tomazeri-Clipons, Mikuni single cabilator, rear set, oil cooler, steering damper, Smith speedometer (reconstructed), new tires, new exhaust pipes, passing lamp.

This bike is in very good condition and strong. It will start in 1 or 2 kicks.

He’s also included a nice video clip of the bike idling and riding along the freeway. Wind noise obscures it on the freeway, but the bike sounds terrific idling with that typical British twin snarl, like two dirtbikes revving together.

The Buy It Now is listed at $9,900 which seems reasonable for this most desirable of Nortons in very nice shape.


1969 Norton Commando Fastback Underseat1969 Norton Commando Fastback Front Drum

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