1971 Royal Enfield Richman 750 Interceptor


The early 1970’s were an interesting time in the world wide motorcycle industry. The CB750 had just come out, the British motorcycle industry was well into its death tail spin. The AMA had just made sweeping rule changes which ended the Milwaukee’s Company racing domination in the states. Then there were independent manufactures who were able to take advantage of these times, and this 1971 Royal Enfield Rickman 750 Interceptor came to be.


From the seller

The 200 Royal Enfield powered machines of which this is one were an accident/fluke due to “impressario” Floyd Clymers death who intended the motors to ship to Italy for Leo Tartini to design an Italian hybrid much like the “Indian” Velocettes to be built up around them. Clymer was buying up Velocette engines and Royal Enfield motors that were available from the bankrupt UK companies as a on the cheap way Manufacturing the new “Indian Line” Badge engineering as it’s sometimes called. At least one prototype machine exists of the Italian  (Tartini) framed Indian Enfield.  The Rickman Constructors tag gives a build date of 12/70 and a ID # of R1001. For this machine This suggests that this machine may indeed be the 1st production example as Manufacturers often start the sequence this way.


Floyd Clymers had been a mover and shaker in the American Motor industry’s. Publishing manuals, and building motorycles were just two things he had his hands in. As the seller states, he also attempted to revive the Indian name using Velocette and Royal Enfield engines. Clymer had picked both up as cast offs from failing marques, and was trying to re-invent another. With his death two brothers in England were able to take advantage of something someone else was taking advantage of.


More from the seller

Distributed & sold direct by Elite Motors of Tooting Bec London this writer recalls seeing 7 of these machines sequestered off in a far corner of the large showroom painted in an orange hue in the summer of 1971. Apparently they came in Blue, Red, & Orange.  Recently a Red Rickman Interceptor was auctioned on Ebay with an ID #R1021 claiming to be # 2 . Perhaps someone can shed some light on this matter? The motor turns over and the cycle can be rolled around freely.


So you have the Rickman Brothers getting these engines, having the experience of making well regarded frames, and that is were we are. This 1971 Royal Enfield Richman Interceptor was a singular event which had British Engines sent to America, but returned to England. Chrome frame, 750cc of power, and a short window of opportunity. As of this writing you have 6 days to grab this for yourself. BB


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