1971 Suzuki Monocoque

When I saw this Custom Suzuki Monocoque, I skipped over all the words and when straight to the pictures. Yes it is only a 125cc Suzuki, but its more how it was put together that made me look. Yes it started life as an off-road bike, but now it is something different. Oh and there are lights, so not only will you bee able to hang your knee around corners, but you will be able to light the ways.

From the seller

Spectacular and unique monocoque aluminum framed road racing and/or street Suzuki 125 stinger. It was built in the late 1980’s by a craftsman inFloridato roadrace and he put a small light in the fairing and a tailight so he could test it legally on the street. I can attest that it is quite fun to drive on the street being quite light, nimble and quick and could easily be ridden on the street with registration. The aluminum welding workmanship is outstanding as are the many small and finely handcrafted detail parts plus the incredible engineering involved in its construction. This beauty is light!!! and showed no signs of flexing when ridden hard in corners. It did come with the donor bikes VIN plate so I see no reason why I could not get a title for it if riveted to the frame. The VIN plate is for a 1971 Suzuki 125 Stinger manufactured 12/70 with VIN T125-116818. I currently do not have a title with it and would be sold with a bill of sale only but if new owner wishes, we could try to get a title which takes around 3 weeks and would be an extra $100.00 to do so. Milage is unknown as no odometer/speedometer. The engine has number T125-104832. Following are many of the details of the bike. Please note: my buy it now is probably just a fraction of what it would cost to replicate this bike and the front brake alone could be sold to a Honda collector for a fair portion of the cost of the bike. There are also some spares which I added photos of. Check back in case I forgot something and added it to the listing.

What I found on the Stinger is that it was mostly marketed to first time, younger riders. Weighing only 211lbs in its original configuration, you can image how much weigh had been shed with the Monocoque design. Looking closely at the welds, they look to be very clean and strong. Not being and engineer I cannot say if the over-all design is a sound design, but it does look well put together from a layman’s eye.

The Stinger only had 15hp at 8500rpm when it was sold as an off road bike. The seller doesn’t go into detail about what has been done to the engine. Going from off-road, to the track you would need to change when the power come on, and how wide the power band is. Hopefully this was addressed when then put the engine into the frame.

There are times when I see motorcycles that I have to have. Motorcycles that I would ride the wheels off. Then there are motorcycles that you want just because they are different. They don’t have to be practical, they don’t have to be reasonable. This Suzuki custom is one of the unpractical ones. Doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t mind having it in my garage. BB

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    And now you can see.
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