1972 Harley-Davidson XRTT


Are you ready to go all the way to Germany to get a piece of America? This 1975 H-D XRTT is located in Germany and the seller hints that there might have been a magazine write up on this bike in 2011. Hinting also that the frame my be European in design, drive by the massive American air pump.


From the seller

Harley-Davidson XRTT 750

you are bidding on an original Harley-Davidson Bike

factory racer from Harley-Davidson build date 1972

one report, see the classic Moto 6/2011

full function Bike , a true rarity

The American way of drive share with European chassis

The first one its kind that had aluminium cylinders and cylinder heads.

Enclosed you will find the original scan obsolete

Location is Germany

Please only serious persons who are interested

Good Luck with your offer!


The XRTT was designed to be competitive after the 1969 AMA Grand National rule changes. Prior to 1969 the 750cc Harley-Davidson had a size advantage over its 500cc competitors. The rules allowed Flat Head motors to run up to 750cc to compete against 500cc max OHV engines. H-D did not have to invest in “New” OHV technology, and could use basically the same design from before WWII. Wonder who wanted to keep those rules?


Harley had the basic design of the new for 1970 XR in the Iron head Sportsters offered to the public. Modifing the cylinders, the heads and improving the oil flow were all needed to produce a racing engine from a street engine. The basic frame was held over from the flat head KR bikes. This one offered up is dressed up in the sexy TT configuration. AMA Grand National points were earned on short and long Flat Tracks, as well as left and right turning road courses, called TT. I am guessing that there are not that many Flat Tracks in Germany where this bike is located.


This Harley-Davidson XRTT is both sexy and a piece of history. There are other motorcycles that show a technological jump of a manufacture, but few seemed to be forced. The big company in Milwaukee had major influence over the American racing scene since the beginning of the century, being able to control the racing rules, and effect sales on Monday. With the XRTT H-D had to change its tune and develop a motor similar to those used around the world since the 1930’s. The fact that they didn’t have to do it until 1970 is both a victory, and a tragedy. This 1972 Harley-Davidson XRTT is new technology, just a few decades late. But that didn’t stop it from putting some large trophies on some riders mantles. BB


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