1972 Kawasaki H2

With a nickname like the Widow Maker you can imagine that Kawasaki might not want to be associated with that monikerr. But this 1972 H2 sold well and is now high on collectors wish list because of it. The ability to go really fast, but not having a frame up to the challenge of getting that power around corners, may have put some riders in the hospital or worse, but the 750cc 2-stroke triple was in demand when it first arrived, and with 15 bidders as of today, it is still a popular bike.

From the seller

Very nice bike, runs good, shifts good, all the lights work, good tires, new candy paint, new battery, stock pipes with baffles, pipes have a few dents and scrapes but are nice, stock air box, stock chain oiler, not a numbers matching motor, engine # h2e-27997, rebuilt petcock,

The seller doesn’t use to many words to describe their bike. But when you have a nickname that kills, you really don’t need to say much. The numbers that may have caused some of those accidents are impressive. 74hp at 6800 blue smoken rpms and a top speed of 120mph for the first year triple could hurt some people.

More from the seller

chrome is nice, just a little pitting on one fork tube, stock handle bars with weights, bike was torn down and the frame was glass beaded and painted, great bike for show or ride.

I wonder why the front shock has bosses on the right side, but no caliper and disk. Are there any Kawi people out there that can tell me if this is a shared fork with another bike that did come with dual shocks? I would hope to have lots of brakes to help slow me down from 120mph.

If you want to join the crowd bidding on this first year Kawasaki H2, head on over and check out some more of the pictures the seller posted. BB

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  1. Michael says:

    I have an original ’74 H2. As I recall the European H2s were delivered with dual disc front ends and it was an optional dealer accessory on US models. The was similar to the Z1 where the europeans got the dual disc and we got a second fork leg wtih a mount and could buy the dual disc kit.

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