1972 Laverda Bol’ d’Or Endurance Replica

With such an interest in the last orange race bike we highlighted, I was happy to see a Laverda offered on eBay.uk. This Laverda racer is a lot bigger then the Aermacchi, takes two more strokes to produce its power, but it is also Italian and is also designed for the track.

The 1972 Bol d’Or 24hr Endurance racer was the first triple from Laverda and offered to the public as a Laverda 3C. Developed in the late 1960’s and first offered to the public in the early 1970’s, there were some growing pains for the new triple. Camshaft bearing failed, as well as camshaft pillars self destructing. Aside from these early problems, the 981cc three cylinders, fed by 32mm Dell’orto PHF, offered twin overhead cams and generated 80hp at 7250rpm with a potential top speed of 123mph.

From the seller

 This bike has been painstakingly put together by one of this countries renowned
Laverda experts.Every nut bolt and washer, every bearing, has been new
from the outset. No expense was spared on the building of this bike.
It is the only one in existence. Featuring the huge Fontana four leading
shoe front brake, Marzocci headlights, all engine internals, including
a fully balanced crank and gearbox internals, with new bearings throughout.
Petrol tank hand made to the exact spec of the original bike, seat and rear
squab also. Exhaust silencers and down pipes all made to fit the slightly
tilted back engine setting to aid ground clearance, as the original. This
listing is as a used bike, because it has done 5 laps of Mallory Park circuit
at the Festival of a Thousand Bikes, ridden by the original Laverda works
tester of that era. Those are the only miles it has done.


I found some number from the 1972 Team Laverda Triple here, and might give an indication of what the builder was shooting for with performance numbers.

 Technical Specs

Type;   Bol D’Or 1000
Year; 1972
Displacement ; 981cc
Engine type; DOHC 2 valve, three cylinder
Frame type; steel double cradle
Transmission;  5 speed
Power output; 90bhp
Maximum speed; 240kph
Number produced;  1

 This Laverda offered on eBay has a lot going for it. Great endurance style highlights, minimalist fairing and seat, and a proven bike to shoot at for performance number. The seller states that the bike was built for the track, but can easily be returned to street use, something that I would do. I would love to be that guy who pulls up to my local coffee shop in my full leathers, with un-muffled exhaust blaring, and the dual headlights glaring. BB

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