1972 Laverda SF For Sale






If you’re looking for a classic twin, but want something a little different and possibly more durable than your usual Norton or Triumph or Ducati, this very pretty 1972 Laverda SF might be just what you’re after.  The SF had traditional Italian bike characteristics: they were fast, stable, and exclusive.  But they also brought something new to the table: reliability.

Laverda began producing motorcycles in the early 50’s, making small-displacement race bikes that competed against Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and other contemporaries.  Early Laverdas were small displacement machines ranging from 75cc’s to 200cc’s, but Laverda knew it needed a big-bore parallel twin to compete with rivals from Harley Davidson, BMW, Moto-Guzzi, and Triumph.

The Laverda 650 twin debuted in 1966 and was imported to America under the “American Eagle” name from 1968 until 1969.  The bikes were expensive, but famously overbuilt and any parts not designed and built by Laverda were chosen for their high-quality: in their quest reliability, Laverda used Japanese electrical components exclusively. Early bikes sported a huge drum front brake that was powerful for the time and led to the name: “SF” stands for “Super Freni” or “Super Braking”.

At 500lb fully fuelled, the twins were a bit too heavy to be particularly nimble, but their overbuilt construction and on-rails stability meant they were at home on the street and in endurance racing.

1972 Laverda 750 SF for Sale

A listing of recent work from the original ad:

  • New Wiring Loom
  • Points and Timing meticulously set
  • Clean and restored original Fuse Box
  • New set of Bridgestone BT45’s
  • Wheels re-laced with chromed spokes – trued and balanced – Original set of spokes included.
  • New Brake Shoes front and back
  • New Cables all around  Brakes front and back, throttle, choke, clutch
  • Gauges cleaned up and serviced by Joel Levine company
  • New Cam chain and Triplex Primary chain.
  • Fork seals replaced, new fluid
  • Valve clearance has been checked and adjusted in the past 800 miles.
  • Brad Penn 20w50 oil is run (Extremely high quality oil made for older air cooled engine) Changed every 1000 miles.

This bike is extremely original, down to the “Laverda” stamped bolts holding it all together.  The original ad has a ton of details about the bike, with extensive photos of the bike in different environments and shots of spare parts that will be included.  It’s clear the current owner of this two-owner bike is meticulous and knowledgeable, always a good sign.  Current bid is at $10,000 and the reserve has not been met, so the owner has high expectations for this machine, but from the photos and the information presented, it looks like this bike is worth the premium price.


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