1972 MV Agusta GT 350

When I see 350cc, I think of slow, ugly, upright “learner” bike. Yes, you can work your magic on a CB350, but from the factory, not really a head turner. This is never the case with the smaller Italian bikes from the early ‘70’s, especially if the name MV Agusta is on the tank.

The MV Agusta GT 350 was offered from 1970 through 1973 and can be seen as a pivotal point in MV history. The bikes lineage includes 10 350cc World Championships from 1958 through 1972 with riders like John Surtees, and Ago astride. And don’t forget the 500cc World Championship streak, or road bikes like the 750 America and 750SS. Times were good.

 Then Count Domenico Agusta passes away in 1971, the final win for MV Agusta comes in 1976, and the company pulls out of racing in 1980.

The design and style of  is from those good times, one that shows the link between the race bikes and the road. Its engine appears to do the same with 34hp at 8500rpm, with two Dellorto’s feeding the 349cc twin through a 5 speed gear box.

The seller does not give a great description

            A fine example of this fairly hard to find motorcycle. Complete, and correct with the optional Sports tank and seat. Good running and riding condition.

    New battery. New silencers.  Speedo reads 28668 kilometers (approx 17803 miles).

    Clear California title in my name.

It was difficult to get a lot of information about the GT 350. I am not sure of the relationship between it and a 350cc bike called the Electra, what might be the same or different. What I do find is that the dome shaped valve cover appears to be a feature that did not last, a shame.

Like many bikes of the time, a Scrambler was available, and I understand Steve McQueen and “On Any Sunday” sent everyone off road in America. But I would not take my Italian model girlfriend out to the desert, so why take your Italian single?


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    This is a bike from Michael Harper-Smith. The owner/seller collects exotics: