1972 Suzuki T250 II Hustler Scrambler

This 1970 Suzuki T250 II Scrambler offered here on eBay is something a little different. The T250 was one of the line of 2 cylinder, 2-stoke bikes offered from 1962-1972 by Suzuki for the US market. The Smallest displacement was 90cc and the largest 500cc. This Scrambler may have high pipes to give you better ground clearance for heading off the pavement, but 27hp at 8000rpm through the 6-speed gear box would move you close to 100mph. Really? Compare that to some of the Classic Sports bikes from the 1950’s.

From the seller:

Mileage is 1050 miles and counting as I still ride it around once a week to local coffee shops and bike events.

This bike was found sitting in a garage in Fullerton,CA last year. My friend saw it sitting under a mountain of dust and resurrected it into the beauty that you see in the pics and video today. Apparently the orig owner just rode it for one year in 1970 and parked it in his garage after that.

 It runs great and all lights and instrumentation work including brake lights. The paint tank/side covers are very bright and shiny with original paint. The chrome does have some small pits on the fenders, bars and various spots from sitting so long with no wax to cover it.

The seller is a RSBFS reader and sent our sister site a heads up about a very nice RZ350 that they had on offer. When they told us about this classic 2-stoke we saw that it would have a place here at CSBFS. This is a great example of classic bikes that are hidden all over, covered in a layer of dust, just waiting for someone to hose it down and ride off on them.


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