1973 Honda CB350 Cafe Racer for Sale

1973 Honda CB350 L Side1973 Honda CB350 R Side

Honda’s CB 350 was a do-it-all middleweight when new, but has become a cheap entry point for modern customizers who’ve made it the foundation for everything from bobbers to the café racer you see here: they’re durable, easy to find, and parts are readily available.  Not to mention that the parallel twin lump gives the machine classic Triumph or Norton lines at a bargain price.

And your floor will stay largely oil-free.

In its time, the bike was Honda’s best-seller, with over 250,000 sold.  Actually displacing 325cc’s, the little parallel-twin lump put its 35hp through a five-speed transmission and pushed the machine to a claimed 110mph.

1973 Honda CB350 Tank Detail1973 Honda CB350 Dash

Link to the original eBay listing: Award-Winning 1973 Honda CB350 for Sale.  This bike appears to have been rebuilt from the ground up to a pretty high standard:

Gasser Customs original 1973 CB350 just won at the 64th annual Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona and she’s officially for sale! Contact us today to lock in this one of a kind award winner before it’s gone!!! Featuring a huge assortment of our custom parts including Gasser Customs brand new original stainless steel scrambler pipes, top triple tree, fenders, fiberglass cafe seat, you name it, it’s on there…that’s why this girl took home the hardware in Pomona!!!
.25 over pistons
Complete valve job with cylinder head planing
New cam chain
New clutch with springs
Front end completely rebuilt
Rear end completely rebuilt
GC bobbed front fender
Brakes completely rebuilt
New Bridgestone Spitfire rubber
GC original stainless scrambler pipes with tapered mufflers
Fiberglass cafe tail section
Custom pinstriping
Aluminum drilled and polished by GC
Carburetors completely rebuilt and jetted for pod filters and exhaust
New cables

These little Honda café racer are all the rage right now, and understandably so: they’ve got a classic look and feel, are easy to work on, and don’t require quite as much devotion and cash as a vintage Brit-bike.  This one is selling for a premium, but looks to be a well turned-out little bike.


1973 Honda CB350 R Engine Detail1973 Honda CB350 L Engine Detail

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2 Responses

  1. Eddie says:

    Nice, but the seat pad looks too bulky and the tail light looks like an after thought.

    But is it twice as nice as this one? – http://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/3596395440.html

  2. Bryan Wood says:

    $10k? Put down the crack pipe please and wear a respirator next time you spray the paint.

    Really? This awkward thing won an award? Couldn’t they even figure out how to get the seat to sit on the frame rail properly? Or how to hide that stupid looking taillight in the tail? And why put the plate sideways on the axle when the ass end of the seat looks so unfinished anyway? Those stainless pipes are okay for a prototype, but I would hope they work out the final bends before the muffler before production.

    A mediocre effort at best. They should try again after they finish their part time course in motorcycle mechanics at L.A. Trade Tech.