1973 Honda CB750 Dunstall


I was walking the dog the other day, and sitting at a neighbors was a CB750 that looked a little worn out. But none the less it got me thinking about what could be. And I think you will agree a 1973 Dunstall equipped CB750 is a very good example of what could be.


From the seller

1973 Honda CB750 with dunstall glass. Also has dunstall headers and exhaust.
New Avon road riders front and back. Bike runs great, the gauge shows 41,591
miles but the motor was swapped at some point since the engine numbers don’t
match for that year. Just had a new petcock glassed in as well as glasswork
done on the seat hinges. If you know anything about these bikes you know how
hard it is to find complete dunstall glass. The faring, tank, and rear section
are all 100% genuine Dunstall.


Paul Dunstall had started as a racer making a few extra race parts he had developed to help himself at the track. That grew to a mail order catalogue focusing on the British bikes from his home country. But as the British Motorcycle industry started to implode, a good businessman looks to other opportunities. Why not kit out the bikes that were destroying his home country’s bikes?


The seller points out that because of the Dunstall exhaust, you don’t have the bonus of a side stand. I am O.K. with that. He also says that there is some damage to the glass. Not to be unexpected. The real question is “Are there any internal parts that would match the performance of the exterior?” It looks like Paul’s name on the clip-ons, lets hope there is more. When you have this 1973 CB750 Dunstall in your garage, you can take a peek instide.BB


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