1973 Kawasaki H2


The craziness from Kawasaki all started in 1969 with the H1 in 1969, and when 1972 came to be, the H2 screamed a little louder. This 1973 Kawasaki H2 was more then just boring out the  cylinder of the previous H1, it was a redesign. Changes where made before the end of production in 1975, but the nice thing about 1973, is that it offers the full 74 hp at 6800rpm, before then took away 3hp the following year.


From the seller

Here is a nice original 1973 Kawasaki h2 750 , original pipes seat air box. I believe the paint is also as well as other original parts , paint isn’t perfect but its decent for a 40yr old bike , chrome pieces do have some rust , we rebuilt the carbs and petcock installed a new air filter oil and gas and the bike started up in a few kicks and idles , the bike has been sitting for many years and needs brake work as well as other stuff so I didn’t take it for a ride , shows 19k miles , matching numbers and nice white vin tag , there is a chip out of the fin on the right head but im looking for another one to replace it , nice original you don’t really see them like this especially a 73 H2A model , clean title in my name , sold as is check the pics , any other questions please ask , happy bidding and check my store for more Kawasaki NOS parts and bikes. also subscribe to my store and newsletter so you don’t miss any hard to find parts and rare bikes.


2-Stroke power was king in the 1970’s, and the ability to go very fast in a straight line is what sold bikes. Advertising the fact that you Kawasaki H2 could do the ¼ mile in 12 seconds, and beat the muscle from Detroit was all it took. But as riders realized, at the end of the strip, the real world began, and it had turns. Known to lift the front wheel at the wrong time, and wobble at the wrong time, the Kawasaki scared a few too many riders. Changes made in the steering dampener, and a longer swing arm were all attempts’ to tame the beast.


This 1973 Kawasaki H2 looks like something that has been pulled out of the garage after a long sleep. Was it put away because of one too may high speed wobble? Did the front end lift for the last time before it headed to the garage? Either way, someone has pulled it into the light and now you have to chance to scare yourself. Be aware that someone is asking in the comment section for shipping cost to New Zealand.  BB


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2 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    “This 1973 Kawasaki H2 was more then just one extra cylinder added to the previous H1”
    Both the H1 and the H2 had three cylinder motors, as did the smaller S2 350cc Kawi.

  2. Brian says:

    I was reading about the guy who added cylinders to make a 4,5,6 cylinder H2 when I wrote that.