1973 Kawasaki H2

Sometimes in business they say that they move someone closer to the door when they are about to let them go. This is not the case with a garage full of motorcycles, or is it?  The seller of this 1973 Kawasaki H2 appears to keep this rider close to the door for a quick get away. But now that I think about it, the bike is up for sale on eBay, so maybe motorcycle garages are like business.


From the seller

What we have here is a matching numbers 1973 h2-750 kawasaki that needs very little done to finish what was started. The bike was looked over and started this past month using stock carbs that came complete with all the functioning cables. The motor appears to be a fresh new build that was finished but the bike needs other things finished before being road worthy. The carbs that are on it are not stock. They are Mikunis but they are huge and I don’t know enough to determine what size they are. I have the stock carbs that came off the bike and those are what we used to start the bike. I have the throttle cable for the bike and it only needs installation for the bike to start and run like it should. Tuning is something the bike will need after the carbs are changed out. The new owner can take their pick of the stock carbs or the oversized carbs.

This is not your show bike, or you bone stock original. This is a rider, with potential as the seller states. There is a section of the motorcycle buying public that looks for originality, but then there are also those looking for a rider, a platform for their own input. These people don’t want to spend the type of money for a concourse bike, and don’t have the time for a basket full of parts. This might be in the middle, and priced right.

More from the seller

The bike is shown with a 74 gas tank. I have the stock tank and my buddie is mailing it to me.  The stock tank has no rust in it and has only one small hard to notice ding by the seat.The tank and sidecovers are in great shape with no rust as is the tail piece.The seat is in great shape with no rips, tears, or cracks. The seat pan is rust free and the chrome is darn near nonexistent of rust. I did not even give this bike a bath before photographing it. I have the brand new looking chain that needs installing. The bike is really cool to sit on. I did not ride it because the mechanic that started it did so with a little bottle of gas with fuel lines running off of it. And the chain was not on. I just wanted to make sure it ran. It does…The profile is cool and the rider position is comfortable. I had the same setup on an h-1 years ago. The clip-ons are a very different look but offer a very comfortable position for the rider. This bike is a professional paint job away from being a very fine specimen of a stock matching numbers kawasaki-h2-750.The clip-ons can be changed back to stock handle bars if someone should so desire. ..This is definitely a paint job and a couple hours of t.l.c. away from being a very nice daily rider/head turner. The reserve is very fair.

If you are in the market for a 2-stroke rider, this 1973 Kawasaki H2 might be for you. If you have some mechanical skills, you can take it where ever you want. If you haven’t accumulated the skills but have the tools, this might be the bike for you to practice. There is something about learning a skill by trying to keep something on the road. BB

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