1973 Norton Commando Interstate

1973 Norton Commando Interstate R Front2

My recent “blue” theme continues this week with a very, very clean 1973 Norton Commando Interstate. The different Nortons of this period are largely differentiated by cosmetic and ergonomic details: they all used the same 828cc engine although some models did feature a higher state of tune.

1973 Norton Commando Interstate Engine

As Norton increased the displacement of their classic twin through the Dominator and Atlas models in order to keep pace with their competition, vibration of the parallel-configuration became an issue. Instead of rubber-mounting the controls and blunting feel, or redesigning the engine, which was not economically feasible, they ISO-lated the engine, transmission, and swingarm from the rider with their “Isolastic” mounting system.

ISO-late and e-LASTIC. Get it?

This system of rubber mounts works very well, and the bike displays excellent period handling and very good power, although it’s important to keep the system in good nick and set up properly: too tight and the twin’s characteristic vibration will rear its ugly head. Too loose and handling can deteriorate significantly.

1973 Norton Commando Interstate Clocks

Translated from the original Capital-ese eBay listing: 1973 Norton Interstate 850 for Sale

Wonderful 1973 Norton, 850cc Interstate Motorcycle
I am the original owner of this like show room wonderful piece of motorcycle nostalgia
The bike has 10 thousand miles, has been garage kept, is a wonderful royal blue color
Runs excellent- ready to ride

The listing may be pretty vague, aside from letting us know that this wonderful motorcycle is wonderful, but the pictures speak volumes. A couple are pretty dark, but the do show off the seller’s garage which, although slightly cluttered [Peek-a-boo, C4 Corvette!] looks to have a spotless floor. Which, as a Norton owner means he replaces the various gaskets weekly, has a full time cleaner for the floor, or the bike has never been started.


The bike is spotless as well and looks like it may have actually been licked clean prior to the photographs being taken…

1973 Norton Commando Interstate R Rear

But an original-owner bike, with 10k miles? It’s no surprise that the reserve hasn’t been met yet at $5,600. There’s three days left on this auction, and this bike surely deserves to fetch more than that.


1973 Norton Commando Interstate L Front

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3 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    One owner, 10,000 miles I would bet the engine has never been rebuilt. It’s a ’70s British bike so it will leak oil, period. Notice the floor has an oil resistant coating so cleaning the dripped oil is just a oil rag wipe away. The wooden block under the center stand appears to have a bit of oil stainage.

  2. Andy Lee says:

    Sold for $14K!

    i’d put my ’73 Interstate up for sale but I’d much rather ride it.

  3. tad says:

    Plus, if you sold it, you’d have to change your email address…