1973 Norton


I am sure that this is not the first Norton that has been put together like this. A little bit Dunstall, a little JPS, a little something else. This 1973 Norton listed on Seattle Craigslist looks special to me. Everyone has that one thing that draws us to a motorcycle. It could be the way the engine sits in the frame. It could be the line that flows from the tank and into the seat. Some motorcycles from the factory have it, and some do not. These styling points are often what attracted us to a particular motorcycle, and it is this that keeps us pursuing a particular make for year after year.


Some times we can feel that there is just one thing missing. One piece that the factory didn’t do right. This one thing is what drives the after market parts market. This one thing drives the custom industry. And the seller of this Norton spent some time to get that one thing right for themselves.


From the seller

Old school classic cafe style Norton. Same owner last 20+ years. Runs good but could use some “freshining up”. Health issues force sale ( getting too old for this ! ) Have receipts, manuals, tools and some extra parts. More pictures on request.

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The fairing looks to be a Dunstall, the seat from a JPS, and I am not sure where the tank comes from. (anyone?)


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